A natural origin fiber


NUTRIOSE®, a soluble fiber of natural origin, derived from wheat and corn.

NUTRIOSE® is derived from natural vegetable raw materials that are wheat and corn.

To obtain NUTRIOSE®, corn starch or wheat starch is processed through a digestion-like process and a thermal treatment. The result is a dextrin; thus, NUTRIOSE® is considered “of natural origin”.

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NUTRIOSE®, a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of finished products. Food is directly enjoyed through the senses most importantly taste.  For some, food taste is considered to be a natural guide towards proper nutrition.  Since time began, humans have relied upon taste to discover foods in nature that are healthy.  Further, food taste via the taste buds is the init...

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  • July 24, 2015

    News Nutriose

    NUTRIOSE®: the benefits of a resistant dextrin

    Spring 2015 was rich in important events that brought together health and nutrition professionals. Roquette was present, boasting scientific results and showcasing high-performance nutrition and...

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